Today, more and more people rather prefer to improve the state of their homes than to sell them out thus, making the home extension strategy gain more popularity in recent years. As an integral part of home renovations and extensions, bi-fold doors are beginning to gain serious popularity.

Compared to large patio doors, bi folding doors from Eco Bi Fold Doors provide a significantly greater opening especially when open which also depends on the configuration of the door. These doors can be provided with just a single access which will enable both exit and entry without requiring to slide all the doors back.


More importantly, aluminium bi-fold does can provide that desired sense of space, create an easy connection between the inside and outside of the home and can simply come into their own during the summer months.

They Serve As Easy Replacements

There is no need to hire an architect when replacing French doors or patio doors with new aluminium bi-fold doors. It is only when a major home renovation or an extension work is carried out that the services of an architect will most likely be required because they will have the necessary knowledge or skills to design the most appropriate bi-fold doors.

Bi fold doors are very flexible

In terms of available configurations, Bi-fold doors offer the most flexibility; they can be designed to open all their different number of door leaves in one direction, at the middle or in several other configurations depending on preference. Although when the doors are folded back, they do take up some space, they can however, be designed to fold back outside or inside the home depending on the available space.

Bi-fold doors can be made to suit most home designs, requirements, and layouts. They can be installed almost anywhere including corner areas and bays.

They Offer a Level Threshold Option

The level threshold option is a feature that allows for easy flow of movement from the inside of the home to the outside. Since the track is nearly flush to the floor, the pathway on the inside remains on the same level with that of the outside. As a key advantage, this helps to do away with any trip hazards and ensures that a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors is established.

Bi-fold doors are the only access points that offer a level threshold. As a result, it ensures that there is total similarity between the flooring on both sides of the doors as long as there is no barrier between the outside and the inside.

Bi Fold Doors are completely secure

The importance of door security in a home cannot be overemphasized. Bifolding doors are more so effective since they tend to create larger glazed areas. They become extremely secure when they are designed with some systems that can provide above standard locking features such as bolts locking into the bottom and top of the frame as well as 8 point locks.

Bi Fold Doors Easy To Install And Maintain

Fitting and glazing an aluminium bi-folding door cannot take more than one day. This is to be done by a reputable window and door company or an experienced builder. If these doors are accurately installed, they are bound to last long with years of trouble-free operation. Generally, aluminium bi-fold doors are very dependable as many problems can be easily overcome with proper installation and adjustments.

In the long run, other than ensuring that the bi folding door tracks are free from debris and the paint is kept clean, these doors do not require much effort to maintain. They simply require little in the way of maintenance.