Although the overall design of the house plays a large role in its appearance, it’s the actual construction which can really dominate a first impression.

The colour, shape and texture of the bricks used in a building can make or break a design, which is why it’s important to use the right kind of bricks. Using bricks which aren’t aesthetically appealing will completely ruin a carefully designed structure and you’d end up with the effect that you hoped for.

In the UK alone there are more than 1200 different types of brick, and it’s vital to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting, both in terms of quality and also physical features such as colour and texture.

But if your home has already been built and you’re looking to either carry out repairs, or else extend, you could be faced with an even more challenging dilemma: how to find the type of bricks that you need?

Luckily there is a way which is fast, convenient and cost-effective: an online brick matching service. We take a closer look at how a brick matching service works in practice.

The problem

If you’re searching for a particular type of brick, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, you could spend a long time on a fruitless search.

Likewise, providing a physical description often yields poor results; there are a great number of bricks which could be described as red, oblong and made from clay! However, to a brick expert, there are a number of tell-tale signs which can help to give enough clues to be able to confidently identify it.

If you don’t have a brick expert locally, or all of the bricks you’re trying to match up are held within the structure of your property, you could have a problem getting a sample to the right person. And this is where a brick matching service online can really help.

What is brick matching?

An online brick matching services promises to be able to identify the bricks that you need based on images that you upload.

The company will typically ask for three different photos of the bricks from different angles, including a close up snap, a medium range and a shot which shows the whole wall. These different pictures should provide sufficient information in order for your bricks to be identified and matched.

The medium and longer distance shots will show how the bricks have been laid and their overall appearance, both of which can be very revealing. The close up shot helps the brick expert to get a much better look at the surface of the brick, as there may be identifying features or textures which aren’t visible from further away.

An example view of a brick matching service online application

Based on the information which can be gleaned from these pictures, you will be provided with confirmation of the brick that you’re looking for.

Being sure

Once you’ve used the brick matching service to identify the exact type of bricks you need for your project, you may still want a bit more reassurance before you go on to place a full order.

A sample can therefore be requested which provides customers with a small sample of the brick they are thinking of purchasing. This allows the bricks to be compared side by side in real life so you have the reassurance of seeing that they really do match, and won’t look odd if you order a big batch for construction.


If you’ve never used a brick matching service before, you’ll be surprised at just how accurate the results really are. Don’t settle for ordering bricks which look close enough to what you think you want; use the brick matching service to be certain that you are getting the same bricks as before, allowing you to create a flawless finish.