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What Do Dark Red Spots On Your Bedsheets Mean

Although the title may sound a little menacing, since some people may already think that it is bloodstains they are looking at, that may not always be the case. It can be something a little less disturbing, but a little more disgusting.

An old wife’s tale making an appearance

“Sleep well and don’t the bed bugs bite you” is a thing you may hear your grandmother say from time to time. Younger generations today may not take that seriously, but there was a time when that phrase was spoken literally. Thankfully, modern pesticides are capable enough to deal with almost every pest that can come into our homes and exterminate them. Thing is however, we need to know they are there before we can deal with them. Such is the case with bed bugs.

Other the last few decades, pesticides used by the government and the people were a huge blow against infestations and more than enough kinds of it were, for a long time, considered to be very rare or even obsolete. However, if you let your guard down, they can make a comeback.

In the case of bed bugs, reduced pesticides against them was not the only thing that is starting to help them. People are able to easily travel around and bed bugs are known to hitchhike on our clothes or luggage. That way they can easily get in our houses and start spreading there.

Although it is a common belief that if you keep your place clean there can be no infestation, bed bugs make a difference there as well. Even a five-star hotel may need professional bed bug treatment from time to time. And as long as people don’t know how to tell if they have an infestation, no matter how big or small, the bugs are free to roam and spread.

One of these bite marks is not like the other

Just like any other pest that loves to bite people, bed bugs also leave marks behind. However they are a little more sophisticated than the rest of the bunch. Since they need to stay for a long time on your skin, usually about five minutes, they don’t want you to feel a thing. So you don’t wake up, don’t spot them and when you see the mark in the morning, it may look like just another mosquito bit you.

Now, you can also be sure that they would prefer if you never see them as well, so they stay hidden and usually only come out when there is time to feed. That said, there are ways to tell if you have an issue growing out of your sight.

A quick search online and you can find photos of how these bite marks look like and how they are different from the ones other pests make. Another thing that most people tend to notice first, are the dark red or brown spots they find on their bedsheets or pajamas when they wake up.

As if feeding on you was not enough for them, those spots are very often either a squished bug or excrement they left behind after finishing their meal.

Obviously you can’t leave a bug like that free to reproduce and become a serious infestation later on. And although you may prefer to take matters in your own hands, and get your revenge personally, it is best to let professionals like Mesa bed bug extermination to handle it.

There will always be people who prefer DIY treatments than to hire someone else. But in the end, if you are not thorough enough and you leave even a few eggs hidden in a crack to live, they will soon hatch and start the circle all over again.