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Top Tips For Roof Maintenance – Follow The Pros

It goes without saying that your home is your most important asset and usually the most valuable too. But as far as your house itself goes, probably the most important element of all is one that often goes entirely overlooked – the roof. It’s not rocket-science to figure out that without a strong, stable and safe roof in place, the home wouldn’t be much of a home at all. Even just a little leakage here and there can lead to serious problems caused by water damage, not to mention the growth of toxic mold and even disastrous electrical fires.

Because of all this, the experts at it’s really important to be proactive when it comes to looking after your roof and realise that while there are plenty of carpenter pros out there to help, you remain the first line of defense for your roof. As such, prior to getting in touch with a leading carpenter professional and booking yourself an extensive repair, keep the following tips in mind and you could just save a fortune while protecting what matters most to you:

1 Safety First

Before even thinking about jumping on the roof and trying your hand at some maintenance, remember that nothing matters more than your health and safety. Needless to say, getting up and busy on a roof in the ice, rain, snow or wind is extremely inadvisable, just as it is to head up there in flip-flops or a ski-suit. You get the picture though – common sense prevails. And when it comes to the repairs themselves, remember that opting for a quick-fix patch-up job can potentially lead to even more serious problems as you’re only masking the symptoms, not dealing with the problem.

2 Avoid Excessive Water

According to experts at Madison roofing, your roof is essential for keeping the water off your heads, but at the same time isn’t impervious to water damage itself. The more water that gathers on your roof and sits there, the more strain it is put under and the higher the chances of a leak or other damage. As such, it’s a good idea to make sure the drainage system connected to your roof including all gutters is in the best possible condition and free from all blockages and obstructions. Inspect it regularly and never take its good condition for granted.

3 Remove Moss

The growth of moss doesn’t just look bad, but it can actually mess up the integrity of your roof by moving the shingles around and generally creating an unsafe structure. In addition, it’s hugely slippery and a danger to anyone that goes up there to keep tabs on things. Use a professional moss removal product from a hardware store and be sure to re-treat as many times as necessary to make sure it’s gone for good and will not pose any problems in the future.

4 Good Insulation

You know that good insulation helps keep you house warm, but did you know it also helps protect your roof? Indeed it does, as creating this barrier between the inner and outer walls ensures that there are no too-severe temperature changes that can lead to dangerous dampness forming condensation. So if looking to keep your roof in great shape, don’t forget to check out your insulation status as well and upgrade it where necessary.

5 Full Inspections

And finally, there isn’t a roof in the land that will last forever and it’s only a matter of time until something needs a little TLC. As such, each and every year you should call in a trustworthy and responsible professional to take a look at all the most important parts of your roof and make sure all is as it should be. Use the same contractor each year as any repairs they do will be covered by a guarantee, meaning you won’t end up paying for the same fixes year after year…after year.

Of course, you should also make sure that you yourself get into the habit of making a periodic examination of the roof in its entirety, ideally around once every six or eight months. This way, any glaring problems can be addressed before being given the chance to get any worse and a serious repair will be avoided further down the line.