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Top 3 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Mover is Better than Doing It Yourself

Moving to a new place is definitely not cheap – which is why some people opt to do it themselves instead of hiring professional movers. While it’s true that doing things by yourself can give some sense of control and freedom, it is not advisable to DIY especially when you are planning to move by a long distance.

Here are the top three reasons why hiring a professional mover will always be a better option than doing it yourself.

It is not as expensive as you think it is

The concern that hiring professional movers is more expensive than doing everything yourself is highly debatable.

Just look at the following scenario: You decided to hire a small U-Haul instead of a professional mover because you think it is much cheaper. You took several days off just to organize and pack. You place your things in the cheapest packing box you can buy and load the stuff yourself. Since you rented a small truck, you have to make the trip twice or thrice to load everything you owned. You spent fuel and toll fees in every trip you made, plus the stress you got while navigating through traffic hauling a heavy truck. Moreover, because you cut costs on the packing materials, you found out that some of your valuables have been damaged during the trip. Add up all the costs of the rented truck, the loss paycheck due to absences, the repeated trips, the cheap packaging materials, the fuel and toll fees you spent, and the irreparable damage to your property due to mishandling.

Now imagine getting a professional mover. Not only will they provide the right truck size to load all your stuff in one day, they have enough manpower to do all that needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Add up the costs and you would probably get less than the same amount as when you painstakingly do it all by yourself.

You save yourself from unnecessary work

Packing/unpacking and loading/unloading are not the types of tasks that you can finish in a day by yourself without cursing the high heavens for all the heavy lifting. Sure, you can call your relatives and friends to help out, but that would be subject to their willingness and availability to help.

If you live in Alberta, try contacting Calgary movers or mightymoving.camovers in Edmonton. Save yourself (and those around you) from muscle sore and hire a professional mover instead.

You can have an insuranceif anything gets broken or lost in transition

Most professional movers offer an insurance coverage and a replacement value protection to make sure the safety of your valuables and compensate you when necessary.

With DIY, all you can do is grinding your teeth and blame yourself if ever an incident occurs.

By hiring professional movers, you’ll be saving yourself from the hassles and risks that are attached to moving home. All you have to do is hang back, relax, and watch the experts do their job.

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Aldwin Corh is a medical professional who devoted his time on medical mission and helping the needy. Because of this, he moves from one place to another movers in Edmonton.

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