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Tips on How to Design a Great Looking Kitchen

If you’ve just bought a property that boasts a lovely large  kitchen area and want to give it a complete make-over that utilises the space intelligently, there are some clever things you can do which not only look brilliant but which also makes the most of the area you have to play with. When it comes to storage, you have a few innovative and inventive ways of creating enough for your needs and with carefully thought out decorating, your new kitchen will suddenly become a warm and welcoming place the family love spending time in.

A traditionally decorated kitchen is a popular choice that’s warm and welcoming

Planning Your Strategy

As with everything, careful planning is essential when choosing the design of a kitchen for your home. You can find a ton of inspiration online but you need to stay practical whilst at the same time pushing the boundaries a little so you get to create a dream kitchen that’s within your budget. A kitchen has to fit in with not only your lifestyle but the rest of your home remembering that a house evolves continuously as time marches on. You’ll introduce new furniture and there’s sure to be a couple of redecorating projects along the way.

Be Creative but Stay Practical Too

A kitchen has to be practical and ergonomic which means you need to plan it to not only look great and spend time in but it has to be functional as well. This is why getting your layout right is so crucial so the space you have works efficiently. You need to plan to have lots of work surfaces, some innovative storage space whilst appliances have to be easily accessible too. Appliances have to be easily accessible but discreetly tucked away so they don’t look overpowering.

Create a Unique Theme

It’s great to follow tradition and it’s wonderful to create an ultra-contemporary kitchen, but creating a unique look and theme in a kitchen makes the space very much your own. Once you’ve chosen a theme, the next step is to choose some stylish flooring and brilliant lighting that can turn a bright space into a subtly lit area in the evenings. It’s the details that will turn your kitchen into a very unique space.

Kitchens Need Lots of Work Surfaces

No matter how big the area is, you can never have enough work surfaces in a kitchen. You should plan to have work surfaces either side of the cooker as well as beside the sink. However, you need to think about small appliances and where they can be without making a work surface look too cluttered. Any areas of a kitchen that end up cluttered will take away from its overall appeal.

Creating a unique look in a kitchen to match your home and lifestyle


Source Top Quality Custom Made Units

Designing a kitchen from scratch means opting for top quality custom made units so that everything fits perfectly and where you planned it to be. You could choose to go down a ready-made route, but very often modular cabinets when fitted into a layout will leave unwanted and unsightly gaps that need to be filled with filler panels which means wasting valuable space too. Make sure you think carefully before deciding whether you would like a “custom designed” kitchen or a “custom manufactured” one.

A custom designed kitchen such as those from Kitchen Culturewill be beautifully crafted to fit into the space you have in your kitchen without any unsightly gaps or wasted space.


Designing a new kitchen takes a lot of thought and planning because you need to get your layout right from the word go. Appliances have to be accessible, the lighting has to be just right and then of course there’s the plumbing, the windows and the doors to think about which can make it all seem like quite a daunting task. However, all is not lost because there are experts out there who will be able to help you every step of the way making it a seamless and enjoyable experience all round. The end result? A stylish and ergonomic kitchen that looks brilliant.