Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the steps involved in making a successful roofing investment because purchasing a new roof is frequently only once or twice in a lifetime occurrence. Therefore, unless you are personally familiar with roofing terms and processes, there are many things to consider before awarding your job.

Many buyers will mistakenly discard the lowest and highest bids from roofing contractors, thinking the middle price is a safe zone. However, only the extremely wealthy can afford to make a poor contracting decision, because they have the money to do it again. The fact is, if a buyer is unfamiliar with the construction process, any contract they accept is risky. Cockeysville Roofing offersservicesthat help you determine your safest, long-term investment.

When most homeowners look at roofing, they look at the materials and the initial cost. However, the cost to install a roof is only a portion of the total cost of owning a roof.

The practice of examining the cost of owning a roof over its entire life is called “Life Cycle Cost Analysis”. This is the best way to truly compare the cost and value of any roofing system. It is crucial to determine your life cycle costs before you spend your hard-earned money. This is true whether you are considering a roof repair or replacement. A common mistake many homeowners make is thinking of the money spent on their roof as a one-time expense, failing to consider the life cycle cost or the years of “Service Life”, they receive from their investment and this is whatCommercial Roofing Cockeysville would help you to determine the cost and the life service of your roof and every details needed in your roofing repair services.

How long do you expect to own the building? If the answer is indefinitely, then the analysis should be run for at least 20 years. Some people will use 30 years. The standard depreciation for roofing is 39 years.

To determine your annual roofing cost you will need to know the investment amount and the years of “Service Life”, you expect to receive.  For example, consider a new roof costing $10,000.00 and will provide 20 years of carefree useful “Service Life”. This roof would cost $500.00 annually.

Now, consider a repair costing $900.00 would extend the “Service Life” of an old roof by two years. The repair would only cost you $450.00 per year.