Customers are always the first priority of any company and their utmost satisfaction is important for the company to progress and become successful, which is why customer’s wishes are paid attention to the most. Similarly, courier companies also wish to please their customers and they have provided every sort of service to make the experience of sending and receiving packages a good one. Delivering huge parcels too far away, places has never been so easy. But sometimes, the customers make some foolish decisions and end up doing harm to themselves. The company’s reputation is consequently also ruined. In order to avoid such a situation where this happens, the courier companies have put forward some terms and conditions which the customers have to go through throroughly before they sign up for the service. Here are a few for your knowledge.

Be careful about what you parcel:

The international parcel service UK does not let you send packages that contain dangerous components such as chemicals or flammable articles and liquids will not be entertained since they can be the reason of incidents that damage other parcels as well and pose a risk to the courier. Also, one is rarely allowed to enclose cash, jewelry or highly expensive products since there is always a chance that the packages can get mixed up and end up being delivered to the wrong person. In any of the two cases mentioned above, the railway/airport authority or any other transport agency will not accept the responsibility.

Some advice:

The senders are advised to give the proper details of themselves and the recipients such full address, designation, specific department name and Tender Opening Time. They should carefully go through it and make sure that their writing is legible. This will make sure that the parcel to USA does not get delivered to UAE instead.

If not all documents that are needed for the service are not provided by the sender and this results in the items being confiscated by the Government Agencies, then the company will not be held responsible. Also, if any loss occurs due to floods, accidents, fire or war then the company cannot be blamed.

One should carefully read the advice, terms and conditions put forth by the courier companies for our own best as customers.