The forklifts are considered ideal in the warehouse lifting projects, storage and construction sites. The forklifts are of many types. They are used for lifting heavy materials to heights with a short distance. The forklifts are either gas or electric ones. The business companies can definitely come across a wide range of forklifts to choose from. Following mentioned are some of the most basic and commonly used types of forklifts. The buyers must know and understand the types and functionalities of forklift before investing.


The industrial reach trucks

The industrial reach forklift trucks are the most common type which is used for lifting the extended storage pallets. The industrial forklift trucks are usually used in the complicated warehouse conditions. The industrial reach trucks are further divided into three categories, i.e. the stand-up trucks, the straddle trucks and the double deep trucks. Each type of the industrial reach truck can provide commendable results in lifting materials from different angles. It is advised to purchase one particular category of forklift according to the exclusive industrial lifting demands of the warehouse project.

The industrial counterbalance forklift

The industrial counterbalance forklifts are another important widely used type of the forklifts. They are regarded favorable for the indoor warehouse projects. It doesn’t mean they industrial counterbalance forklifts can’t be used for outdoor projects. They can easily be used in outdoor even surfaces. The business companies can refer to reliable sources for getting new forklifts in Toronto. A seamless straightforward functional outcome is achieved by utilizing the industrial counterbalance forklifts.

The industrial side loader

The industrial side loader forklift trucks present a meaningful solution in the working conditions with narrow aisles. The forks of this particular category are mounted directly to the one side of the loader truck for enhanced grip. A straightforward functionality is attained by using the industrial side loader forklift trucks. The enclosed cab version of side loader trucks are regarded effective for outdoor projects. On the other hand the standup version is well-suited for indoor projects. The industrial side loader forklift trucks can offer a perfect lifting performance.

The rough terrain forklifts

The rough terrain forklifts are regarded ideal for the complex outdoor constructions. The rough terrain industrial forklifts contain tires with thick and powerful threads, which tend to provide stability while lifting and mounting. It comes with an extremely powerful engine for offering enhanced maneuverability and high speed. All these characteristics make terrain forklifts more durable and effective in performance.

Walkie straddle or pedestrian pallet truck 

For the transportation of pallets, the walkie straddle or the pedestrian trucks are regarded as the ultimate choice. The walkie or pedestrian pallet trucks are the most widely used type of the forklifts. The walkie straddle or pedestrian pallet trucks provide powerful performance in the warehouse and storage sites. The pedestrian pallet trucks are available in the market in a wide range of loading capacities. The business companies can select one particular category as per its project requirements.

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