If you want to paint a metal chair, table or other object made of metal, it is good to know the basic characteristics of colors. Go to Renaissance Painters for more.

The color of the metal may be acrylic, nitro, alkyl and polyurethane.

Acrylic paints can be applied to the metal with a brush, roller, spray, sponge or a soft cloth. Alkyd paints and polyurethane can be applied with the help of a brush, roller and spraying, a spray, foam.

Choosing the type of paint on metal mostly depends on the location of the metal object. That means you can’t just paint any metal object in the house. It must have a good location so that you won’t ruin other furniture or floors. They are most resistant polyurethane paints for metal, and they are usually used for ships and boats.

For painting metal surfaces, a liter acrylic or polyurethane paint is sufficient for eight to ten square meters, while a liter of nitro or alkyd paint is more than enough to cover six to eight square meters.

Acrylic paint can be dry for four hours and completely dry in about 12 hours. While the nitro can be dry in two hours and completely in eight hours, alkyl 12 or 24 hours, and polyurethane 6 to 12 hours.

When it comes to painting metal objects you should know that there are three components: anti-corrosion protection based paint and cover color. Most primary colors contain corrosion protection, so it is enough to cover the metal with basic color. There are coatings containing “three in one” combination.

Unprotected metal surfaces are exposed to the action of moisture and air that cause corrosion. The process of corrosion is accelerated in the presence of acids, alkalis, acids and other chemicals. The effects of the corrosion metal surface objects can damageit completely. The rate of progression of corrosion in unprotected metal depends on several factors: the type and length of exposure to corrosion agents, relative humidity, temperature etc.

So, in coloring the base color has anti-corrosion effect, and the cover color has a decorative role. The main colors for metal is usually gray or red tinge, while the cover has a wide range of colors.

The viscosity of the colors is achieved with the help of diluent

Previously painted metal surfaces can be recovered by first removing the old paint – soaking surface with a type thinner (Nitro thinner, oil diluent solvent degreasing), then mechanically removing old paint (with sandpaper, steel brush), then the surface is wiped with a cloth. Finally apply the base color and then apply the cover color. The cover colors serve to give the object a nicer look.

Before you begin make sure you remove the dirt with a brush and a cloth soaked in solvent, then grinded with sandpaper and apply the base color, and then after it dries you can apply the cover color.