Most contemporary glass coffee tables can be either circular (round, oval) or square. Both are traditional interior arrangements, yet it does not mean that you can buy whatever table you like and hope that it would look great in your interior. There are some basic decoration guidelines that have to be taken into account every time you shop for new furniture – especially if most of your décor is already finished.

In addition, the number of materials to choose from can often be overwhelming, so it is not only the shape you have to consider. Let’s take a more or less neutral coffee table model as an example – a table featuring classic glass surface and a traditional wooden – oak, for instance – base. Based on the materials, this item will fit in a variety of diverse interiors. So, coming back to the shape of an oak and glass coffee table – round or square, which one should you choose? Consider some of this simple interior decoration advice before you make your choice:

Think of a table position in the room

Of course – you will most likely place your oak and glass coffee table – round or square – next to a sofa. Yet, this is not exactly the point. Let’s say you have an arrangement – a sofa and a couple of armchairs. A round table should be located precisely in the center of your decorative composition – in this case, your sofa and chairs.

Consider your room space

It’s only logical that the space of your room is crucial to define the size of the coffee table. However, you should also consider your room shape. Even though both round and square tables will be great in any room – whether it’s big, narrow, or broad, a square room will look particularly impressive if the coffee table is square too.

Weigh over other furniture in your interior

If sideboards, display cabinets, console tables, as well as any other furniture items in your living room, feature precise geometric shape with even corners, an a round coffee table might not be the best idea. Sure, it will fit in – but if you are going to buy pointy, edgy furniture, you should better stick to the square coffee table shape.

Think of the accessories you have in your room

The same goes for every trifle accessory in your room. If the living room has circular vases, rounded little knickknacks, and other ‘soft’ looking items, a round table is preferable to a square one.

As you can see, the choice of an oak and glass coffee table – round or square, will depend on several factors. Of course, those are just details, and you may argue that they do not matter in the general picture. Yet, it isn’t exactly so, as successful living room decoration requires close attention to every tiny detail – from your room shape to the smallest accessories. Sometimes, even light bulbs are important. All together, these trifle details create a polished and consistent picture – and, after all, isn’t that what you are looking for in the long run?