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Is There Any Difference Between Compression Springs And Die Springs?

There are a number of people who have this very common question in their mind. This is true that a number of people thin that compression springs and die springs are same and they are the name of the same spring. There are few people who are aware that compression springs and die springs are different types of springs but they aren’t aware about the difference between these two types of springs.

If you have a desire to know the difference between these two types of springs then you should consider reading this very article. Difference between compression springs and die springs have been discussed below.

Compression springs

Helical compression springs are used because they can resist compressive force to a great extent and this type of spring is one of the most easily recognisable and most common type of spring which you can see in a number of items which you use daily. In case if force is applied on compression springs then they shorten in length and in this state they store mechanical energy within the spring to resist compressive force. Compression springs are available in a varietyof shapes, materials and sizes. You can find compression rings in different items which you use on a daily basis. They are used in a number of places such as in electrical switches and in valves.

Die springs

There is one more common name by which die springs are known and that name is “high force compression springs”. Die springs can work efficientlyand complete the required task even when they are significant environmentstress. Fr manufacturing die springs generally rectangular wire is used. Die springs are used when the springs are supposed to take higher load and when the temperature to which the spring has to be subjected is higher than that compression spring can work in. if you will talk about the load bearing capacity of compression spring and de springs then you will get to know that die spring out performs compression spring by a huge gap of 30%.

Both the springs have their own uses, but if you think that die springs are better than compression springs just because of strength then you should know that you are wrong. Compression springs have their own use. If you will take the price and the manufacturing process into account for deciding which type of spring is better then you will find that compression springs are better than die springs.

Die springs are robust and durable but compression springs are better option as compression springs can easily be manufactured in large quantity. This s the reason because of which the cos of compression springs is cheaper than the price or costof die springs.

In case if you are need of high quality die springs or compression springs in bulk then you should consider contacting custom spring manufacturers. They can manufacture spring or wire forms as per requirements and provided specifications.

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