Keeping up with the fast-paced advancements in technology, not only your smartphones have made significant improvements. Home security as well had made substantial enhancements for better protection and safety to the hard working homeowners. Probably many have seen that thriller movie, The Purge, and surprisingly there is a growing demand for a total home defense. Padlocks although still in use have been upgraded to keypad locks. Cabinets have started to gain attention because of its new locking features. Get to know the products available in the market and what the best is for you.

Types of modern door locks

As security starts from the door, determining your need is important in buying one. Padlocks no matter how big is the one you have can be picked and may no longer be able to protect your home from burglars and the worse. Improve yours and here are some types of door locks:

Five-lever mortice deadlock is the standard for main doors. It is called “dead” due to the absence of springs to operate the bolt. It can only be turn from the inside with a key or thumb turn.

A security system camera watches the grounds

Key-operated multi-point locking system is a rim-locking system that bolts the door into the frame. It provides maximum security, cannot be picked and usually used for large doors.

Rim automated deadlatch with key-locking handle is the combination of indoor and outdoor lock that allow homeowners to lock their doors from the inside.

Mortise lock is rectangular in shape and a key from the outside operates both the deadbolt and latch bolt.

The best home security

With response to the 21st-century technology, a new type of locking has been introduced to the homeowners. It has been featured in the aforementioned movie and probably what everybody wants today.

Keyless entry system is an advanced home security. It has an audio and visual indicators confirm that the lockset is activated. In case that an incorrect code is entered more than three consecutive times, an alarm will sound. In some systems, the main lock is connected to garage doors and a remote is used to open it.

This type of locking requires an expert service, installation and unlocking. One must have a trusted service provider for their system to ensure its maximum capability. For more information and tips for this security system, you may check out