It’s a well known fact; hot tub owners will usually experience cloudy, milky or foamy water from time to time. However, it’s not something you should worry too much about as it can generally be remedied quite simply. It doesn’t usually have just one cause so you could end up trying a few different methods before you get the result you want. One of the first things you should do is check your filter; it could just need a thorough rinse and then soaking in a filter cleaner such as AquaSPArkle spa cartridge cleaner to rectify the problem. Another cause could be the PH levels are not as they should be. Check the levels of sanitiser as well as high levels can be the cause of cloudy water in some cases.

Do You Really Need To Empty Out Your Hot Tub?

As a last resort, some people would recommend emptying the hot tub completely and starting again with fresh water; a time consuming and inconvenient option but sometimes necessary if your hot tub gets some heavy use.

A Product To Solve Your Problems?

There is however a product on the market that may be the answer to your problems. It goes by the name of Le Bloc and is described as “a supercharged gel block hot tub clarifier” and removes the minutest of particles far better than a liquid preparation could. Lasting up to eight weeks, it is an economical way of ensuring clear water in your hot tub or spa. Le Bloc will also reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use saving you further money and time. It will remove dust, oil, pollen and other substances and to use, all you need to do is remove the front and back labels and drop it into the skimmer basket or filter compartment in your hot tub. You can use your hot tub or spa immediately and can expect to see wonderfully clear water again within 24-48 hours.

Above all else, it’s important to understand the importance of choosing the right products and, ultimately, the importance of ensuring your hot tub remains clean at all times!