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How Hard Water Can Hurt Your Plumbing And Heating System

Hard water is a type of water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals, especially calcium. This makes it difficult for it to lather with soap or detergent. Though hard water is not associated with any adverse health problems, yet it can be damaging. If you’re part of the many people who have hard water running in their homes, you must have noticed some problems. When you wash or clean with this kind of water, it forms a scum which clings to the surface of your dishes. It also forms unpleasant lines of stains on the window panes. Furthermore, it causes dry skin and skin irritation.

Apart from all these effects, the major problem that can result from hard water is when it affects your plumbing system. With constant use, the minerals in the water react with the pipe and result in calcification. Calcification reduces the flow of water and waste. For hot water heaters, the mineral reacts with the heating element thereby reducing the lifespan of the heating system.

Right about now, the question on your mind is, how can this menace be stopped or reduced to the minimum at least? The answer to that is through the use of softeners. Water softeners are a sure way of treating the problem of hard water. By installing softeners, the excess minerals found in hard water will be diluted and minimized. By adopting softeners, you will no longer experience the unpleasant white stains noticed on your dishes. Washing will be better and skin dryness will be eliminated

It might be difficult for you to know if hard water is running in your house especially if you moved to a new place. Consult a water treatment expert to find out the kind of water in the house. The specialist will conduct series of test ranging from pH levels, hardness and dissolution of substances. Once a problem has been detected, they can proffer possible solutions for you.

Things To Look Out For Before Getting A Plumbing And Heating Service Expert

A reliable home heating system is essential for every home. Therefore, careful thought should go into the process whenever you need the services of a plumbing and heating company. Several of such companies can be found in your local neighborhood but do well to pick out the best of them all. Whatever the case may be, anyone you seek to hire must possess the following qualities:

Must Be Licensed And Registered

Getting a licensed and registered professional is imperative. This is because such individual will adhere strictly to industry standards. It also shows that such a person has undertaken some special training in the field.


Make sure you choose a service professional with a lot of experience in the industry. One who is vast in plumbing, leak detection, power flushing will save you some money in the long run.

Other factors to look out for include skills, knowledge and professionalism.