This article offers information for interested parties for both home extensions building and also bespoke house builds.

Firstly home extensions:

What is a home extension?

A home extension is an additional structural build onto a property that is designed to provide facility for additional space and extra rooms to be added onto a property.

One example of a home extension is when someone decides to expand their kitchen area, so they have what is known as a kitchen extension put on the house, this is a very common type of house extension (one recommended source for home extensions is your home extensions a UK based building firm specialising in all kinds of extensions and bespoke house construction.

Extensions can vary wildly from one type to the other with some people choosing to have a 2 storey extension in order to add 4 rooms to a house, to some people deciding that a loft conversion is more appropriate for their property.


Tips for buyers of extensions:

Make sure you have around 10% contingency in your budget for any kind of undertaking of this magnitude
Make sure to enquire about planning permission and whether or not it is needed before you embark on the project
Also make sure that the building company that you decide to use are capable and free to handle the task of building the house extension, these are all things to bear in mind when considering home improvements on this level.

What is bespoke house building

The above term refers to the construction of a house, tailor made to a set of predefined requirements, for example some people will choose to have a 7 bedroom house with a swimming pool at the back and decking in the garden, whilst other people may be looking for a Victorian themed property with 5 bedrooms and a traditional front and back garden, the point is the house is made to order to a specific plan and set of pre-requisites.

Bespoke homes, otherwise known as “luxury houses or custom made homes” are often lavish and feature a wealth of tailor made elements and top of the range furniture, here is a recommended bespoke house building company that can handle any specific requirements in the field of house building.

Tips for bespoke home builders:

Make sure the building company that you use for the work have the range of skills required in order to complete your custom home build.
Make sure that you have at least 10% contingency in your budgetting for any unforeseen costings or eventualities.
Make sure that the company have a good profolio of previous works to display to you before you agree to the work.

In summary

You should ensure that there is no backlog of work for the company you decide to work with either, make sure they can take on the project straight-away otherwise it’s likely you’ll be waiting around, also check any certifications to be sure that the people are who they say they are and are capable of carrying out the build to a high standard.