There’s a wide variety of pillow on the market for consumers with the highest standards of comfort. Here are a few – including down, synthetic fill, and memory-foam pillows – that have received great reviews online.

Pacific Coast Double DownAround Pillow

Pacific Coast has gained a solid reputation as a maker of fine feather goods, including duvets and down pillows. The Seattle-based business, which has been operating since 1884, has recently garnered excellent reviews for its “Double DownAround” line of pillows.

The “pillow-in-a-pillow” construction includes a firm core of feathers, surrounded by an envelope of down. The fabric is 100 per cent cotton, with a thread count of 300. Other features of this pillow include a guarantee that it’s free of allergens and machine-washable. The product – which is available in soft, medium, and firm versions – also includes a warranty.

Cuddledown Sateen Synthetic Fill Contour Cradle Gusseted Pillow
The unique shape of this pillow curves downwards, forming a pair of “legs.” This allows side-sleepers to rest on the curves. The contours also provide good head support for back-sleepers. The hypoallergenic synthetic fill, made in Germany, is considered a good substitute for down. This pillow also features 300 thread count sateen, and is available in three levels of firmness.

EnVy: The anti-aging and wellness pillow

This memory-foam pillow is designed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles by keeping the face directed slightly upwards with its gently sloped sides. This prevents the formation of sleep creases while maintaining a good alignment of the neck and spine.

One reviewer commented that she enjoyed a better night’s sleep using the enVy pillow, while also noticing less neck and back troubles. “To my surprise, my neck pain from working in front of a computer all day was relieved,” wrote Helen Vong. “And my chiropractor commented that my posture was looking good.”

Serta iComfort Contour Pillow

Serta is known mainly as a mattress-maker, but also offers pillows. This one is made with so-called “memory foam,” which adjusts to the shape of the head and neck. Online reviews were favourable among back and side-sleepers, but not those who sleep on their stomachs. “It’s a bit pricey, but it holds up well and comes with a five-year warranty,” wrote one reviewer. The pillow itself is not machine washable, since it’s made of gel and foam, but is resistant to dust and microbes.

Land’s End Essential Goose Down Pillow

This pillow received the coveted mark of “A plus” in a review on the Good Housekeeping website. This was the “only down pillow we tested that looked as good as new after washing,” according to the review, which noted that the product has a lifetime guarantee. Like many other high-end pillows, it’s encased in a 300-thread count cover.
This product has been described a plump and lofty, and great for stomach-sleepers. Since it’s made with white goose down — which doesn’t show through the case like its gray counterpart — you can plump or squash it however you like.

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