The installation of wood floors requires special methods and techniques used by professional technicians. They are specially trained professionals who have the ability to use the best adhesive for hardwood flooring. Good and professional hard wood company can be found, you just need to make a simple research and find the best in your area.

Mistakes to avoid in the process of floor installation

Lots of technicians are making small mistakes that can cause big problems. Some of these mistakes are:

  • Improper preparation of the floor,
  • Using wrong adhesive on a wrong surface
  • Not being able to determine the proper amount of adhesives needed

These are some of the most common mistakes that are being made by unprofessional workers who will only make a mess in your home. This will also result with a permanent damage of the new wood floor that unfortunately can’t be repaired. That is why you shouldn’t even think about of installing the floors by yourself.

How should a floor be installed properly?

No one expects from you to know these stuff, but getting a general knowledge about it will help you make a difference between a real professional and a beginner. The glue should be spread evenly through the surface. A professional will always measure the surface they have to cover using a wide board. If they don’t measure – they are not professional. Gluing is not an easy thing to do. It is a complicated process that requires professionalism and high quality products with specialized equipment. Always ask for a warranty of the products they will use. Proper installation of the floors insures their quality and durability making sure that there won’t be any problems in the future.

Always know that high – quality adhesives used for wood floors are not cheap. You have to pay a higher prices to receive the highest quality. Ask the manufacturers for a recommendation and if you are not very sure about their choice, make a good research and read customer reviews. That will help you find the best adhesives. There are chemical – free adhesives that are safe to use and make no harm to the environment. If you want to take care of the Mother Nature make sure you don’t use chemicals.

When can I walk on the new floor?

After they finish installing the wood floor, you probably want to know how long it will take so that you can walk on it and place the furniture. Most of the floors do not require waiting and you can immediately walk on them. But there are some that require a few hours of waiting until you can be able to place the furniture. But that is not a big deal. Waiting for a few hours won’t hurt anyone. Do whatever it takes to make your floors perfect. You will have plenty of time to enjoy your new floors and admire the good work.