Carpets are an essential part of a home and there are many methods to clean them. Unfortunately, most people try to use DIY methods and fail leading to the deterioration of the product. When professional commercial cleaning companies Toronto are hired they will follow several methods either individually or combined to take care of the carpets. Here are some of the regular methods followed by the companies to take care of carpets.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

A cleaning agent is applied to the area where there are marks of dust and the entire carpet is rinsed in hot water taking special care about the spoiled area. After rinsing, washing is followed with the help of automated equipment and is left to dry for a couple of hours. A professional cleaning service in Toronto would complete the job in less than 3 hours.

Shampoo cleaning

This is an old method that is used seldom by commercial cleaning companies Toronto. This is replaced by encapsulation because of several disadvantages of this method and advantages of encapsulation. However, this is used when there is a small amount of dirt present on a single area of carpet. It may take long time to dry but is very effective against dirt.

Method of encapsulation

In this process synthetic detergents are used that become dry and form into crystalline powder. Here is how it works; the carpet is applied with the synthetic detergent in the form of foam. The foam is allowed to dry and the area is either or brushed to remove the dry detergent. This method uses less water and the drying time is short when compared to other wet methods. It is the reason for it to replace shampoo cleaning and now any cleaning company Toronto is offering this method of carpet cleaning. One disadvantage observed in this technique is its inefficiency when an area is heavily soiled.

Bonnet method

The technique uses a motorized machine to clean the carpet. This method is mostly observed in big constructions like hotels, companies, etc. where there is a lot of human movement. Although the method is known to be penetrative the surface will be very clean. A machine is placed above the carpet and it has a spinning pad dipped in the cleaning solution. As the motor runs, the pad rotates and absorbs all the dirt on the surface. The method would not completely wet the carpet and will allow the carpet to dry quickly. To know more about the technique message us through our Facebook or Google+ profiles.

Dry cleaning

It is a recent invention taking the cleaning business by a storm. The process is very different from others as the compound is applied to the bottom of the carpet with the help of a motor brush, which opens the fiber and allows the compound to settle. As the compound settles dirt will disappear resulting in a thorough cleaning. The compound is removed after the dirt is entirely absorbed.

So, whenever you are looking for carpet cleaning companies Toronto do not forget to ask them about the different methods and which one suits the carpet needing cleaning.