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Creating The Perfect Bathroom

If your bathroom is in desperate need of updating, you need to ensure that the company you choose to re-fit and supply your bathroom will be able to give you the quality you expect. Knowing what to look for and what key differences separate the good from the bad can make all the difference when it comes to locating a good supplier. Here are a few things to watch for:

1. Do they come recommended?

Having someone recommend first hand is the best way to ensure that you will get the quality you are expecting. Ask your friends, neighbors, family members and coworkers. Odds are high that someone has had work done on their home, and they will be able to either recommend someone to you or alert you on who to avoid, depending on their experience. Ask them about the quality of the materials and what kind of customer service they experienced. You should also ask the company for testimonials from other former clients.

2. How creative are they?

You need a company who will take your opinions to heart and come up with creative ways to implement them. While they cannot always fulfill every wish, they will be able to take your feedback and create something that is functional, appeals to your taste, and is within your budget.

3. Can they work within a timeline?

Having a room renovated or updated is a big job, and it can impact the rest of your home life while construction is occurring. A builder should make every effort to minimize the disruptions, for example having the water main turned off during times when most of the residents are out and about. The build should also be completed in a timely manner.

4. Does the company use quality products and materials?

When you have your bathroom redone, you want to be sure that the room will look good and withstand the tests of time. Ask your supplier or contractor if they offer a warranty on their materials and their work. If there is a warranty, make sure you understand what it does and does not cover. Hardware that will withstand heavy abuse, such as the bath, toilet, and sink, should be made from materials that are durable and high quality.

5. Is the company professionally certified?

Since a bathroom makes use of electrical work and plumbing, you need to ensure that anyone who will be working on them is properly qualified. Ask if who they are accredited by or licensed with. You should also find out if they carry insurance and what it covers.

6. Do they understand how to use space effectively?

What designs are possible depends greatly on the size and layout of your bathroom. Pipes and electrical wiring can also effect what is and is not possible. A good designer will be able to show you the full potential of your room, minimizing wasted space and making the most of what you have.

7. Does the designer take into account personal style?

Each person has their own unique taste as to what they like and don’t like. Whether you want minimal bare bones style or a family bathroom that is fun for everyone. All good bathroom companies should have a designer he / she should be willing to work with you to create your ideal space and ambience, to get an idea of what a designer will do and how much this will cost I’ve called in the help of Love Bathrooms, and asked their advice, Your designer will discuss who will be using the bathroom and how the style can be tailored to match the specifics of the space you are working with.

8. Know your flooring options.

When most people think of their bathroom, they think of the facilities. While the sink, bathtub, and toilet are important, don’t forget about the details such as flooring. From heated floors that are a delight after a shower to a wet room that is made to be easy to clean there are many choices available. Don’t forget to add a few non-slip tiles to add a little safety to your design.

9. Small bathrooms are not a problem.

If the bathroom in your home is small, there are still many ways to make it look great. A wet room can be fitted almost anywhere. It is especially useful in homes with elderly residents.

10. Don’t forget the final touches!

Once your dream bathroom has been installed, it is time to add a few finishing touches. Try picking a contrasting color from your main scheme and use that for your fabric accessories such as towels and bath mats. A few ornaments here and there, and your room will be ready to enjoy!

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Amy Rice, enjoys writing about how to make your bathroom comfortable and stylish, when not writing she enjoys playing adventure golf and ice skating.