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Couch Potato: 5 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Comfortable

It may have the word ‘living’ in it, but for many households today, their living room is often a place untouched during every-day life, either crowded with the family’s clutter or else isolated as just a place for the guests. While creating a living room that achieves both comfort and class is hard, it’s certainly not unachievable.

With a bit of creativity and smart thinking, you too can make your living room more comfortable without forgoing its entertaining function. Here are our five top tips:

If you can hug it, it’s a good choice

We’re talking rugs and pillows here. Whether you’re after a traditional Persian rug or perhaps a more modern piece, a thoughtfully chosen piece of carpet can transform your living room from just an ordinary room in the house to a place of real elegance and comfort. Even if you have allergies, there are many types of rugs that you might still be fine with. Pillows are another excellent choice and cost next to nothing compared with many other furniture and design options!

Instead of shoving it under the sofa

Why not organise your clutter in a more stylish way? By containing your clutter in boxes, trays, baskets, and/or built-in cabinets and the like, you both train yourself in self-discipline and clear up the space in your living room. More space simply means more room for you to stretch out and enjoy the space you’ve created. Who could say no to that?

A little library never hurt anybody

Books? I thought this was about my TV! While your television set piece may be the central feature in your living room, another excellent idea from past eras is having a little library on the side. Books are renowned among interior designers for creating warmth in every space. Not only do they show your personality and quirkiness, but they’re also highly flexible, in that you can stack them, shelve them, or maybe just leave a few lying around for extra effect!

Nothing like a well-worn couch

While having the newest designer couch made with the finest Italian leather may look great, everyone knows that there’s nothing like a well-worn couch when it comes to making your living room comfortable. Like an old pair of jeans, a well-worn couch takes time to fashion and might have a stain or two. Regardless, it’s the first thing you’ll want to sink into after a long hard day’s work, and that, when it comes down to it, is really what matters.

It’s not just what you put it

It’s also about the atmosphere, and more importantly, the air flow! This is a critical factor when it comes to interior design that most people forget. So before you even get to buying new or rearranging your existing furniture, think about the air flow. Are your windows blocked by any cupboards or drawers or perhaps the television set piece? Do you have enough room to open both doors to prevent stuffiness? Remember there’s no use having the most wonderful furniture if you’re not breathing easy!

Phoebe Reagan is a university student and freelance writer who is interested in interior design and decoration. She loves shopping at Nick Scali furniture in her spare time for her next great piece!