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Common Mistakes In Marble Cleaning

One of the most used floors for offices and homes is marble flooring. It is preferred by many people and organizations because of its numerous characteristics, one of which is its exquisite look. Marble adds a touch of luxury to every building and is less expensive than other flooring types.

Another reason why marble prevails over other types of floors is that it is sold in a variety of colors and is pretty durable. Well, the truth is, it is susceptible to metal abrasion and acidic substances but it still looks great for years if it is properly cleaned and maintained. In fact, marble can last long, really long, but it needs tune-ups every now and then.

Mable is mostly used in dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and offices. If it matches well the design of the place it can make a building look exquisite. Furthermore, marble is used in hospitals due to its hypo-allergic characteristics. The reason for this is because marble does not let germs penetrate on the surface. This makes this type of floor very suitable for children as it provides a pretty hygienic environment. Of course, it doesn’t mean that marble doesn’t need cleaning. It does. And it is very important to clean this type of floor in a safe way so that you protect the surface and help it last longer.

Most people, however, commit a number of errors when cleaning their marble fixtures. Here we suggest you take a look at some of the most common mistakes ever made in cleaning marble.

Mistake 1

The first common mistake has to do with the fact that people often think marble does not require much maintenance. But they are wrong. If you want to keep your marble sparkle, you definitely need to clean it on a regular basis. Else, it will get darker with time and may lose its touch of luxury.

What’s more, do not assume that just because marble has hypo-allergic properties it doesn’t need cleaning. Sure enough, it doesn’t have self-cleaning characteristics. You can’t get away without cleaning unless you simply don’t care, which probably isn’t the case (otherwise why would you be reading this?)

Not to mention, white marble gets dirty easier. If you spill something on any marble surface and do not wipe it immediately, get ready to face the unwanted consequences of it.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you clean your marble surfaces the moment when a spill occurs. And also, make sure you give regular cleans to your floor so that it looks shiny and fresh.

Mistake 2

Improper cleaning products and materials can severely damage marble. Do not use just any detergent that comes to your mind. There are some abrasive products and acids that simply should not be applied to such surfaces. The results will be devastating. Restrain from using such products unless you want to damage your marble.

A good cleaning product that can work for marble surfaces is a product that has a neutral pH. It surely won’t do any damages to the surfaces.

Mistake 3

Sealing your marble on an annual basis will ensure long life for the surface. The best way to avoid problems is prevention. So, if you want to make your marble last longer, you need to take care of it properly and regularly. This means that you have to check for cracks and any other problems there may occur. Sealing marble surfaces makes their maintenance easier and prolongs their life. After cleaning it is recommended that you polish the marble to make it spotless.

Author Bio: July Minor loves cleaning and hygiene. As a manager of she has many interesting ideas and tips to share.