Upholsteries are a very essential part of our daily lives. You can never find a home without any furniture, can you? So it is quite obvious that you have to keep them clean too.

There are a variety of upholsteries found these days. These include leather, wooden, wrought iron and others. No matter which kind of upholstery you have in your home, some basic cleaning processes always have to be followed.

So today we are going to give you some basic tips for a cleaner, healthier home.

Vacuum the loose dust

Before getting into any extensive cleaning process, it is always better to take some regular measures to keep your upholstery as clean as possible. Do this by vacuuming the loose dust regularly. This will save you both time and energy as well as keeping your furniture dirt free.

Blot any spillage immediately

If you have kids, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your home spotless with those cute little devils running around. They will spill soda, color, and anything liquid they can find within their reach. If you want to save your belongings from their hands, blot any spillage immediately. For easy stains you can use baby wipes. For more persistent stains, use upholstery cleaner. They come in all forms; liquid, foams, sprays and you can purchase them at any superstore.

Avoid drowning your upholstery in water

Okay, you simply want to use a boring detergent solution and water to get rid of the stains on your couch. I see the appeal, and personally I do not have a problem with it. Just make sure you don’t drown it in water. In fact, moisture is not very good for your upholsteries. Use a mild detergent (the mildest you can find) to get rid of the stains and use as little water as possible.

Polish your wooden furniture

We all know that wood and water don’t really mesh well together. Use commercially available furniture oil instead. You can also use a mixture of boiled linseed oil and turpentine. Mix both of the oils in equal portions and rub the mixture on your lovely wooden belongings. Remember to dust them before you apply the mixture.

Know your fabric

Deal with it; not everything can be used on everything. Steam cleaning your sofa might sound very appealing, but if the fabric is a mixture of rayon and polyester, you can kiss your sofa goodbye. So don’t just apply anything you can find on your upholstery and do your research. Reading the labels might be a good start.

Always read labels

Learn to interpret the letters on your upholstery label. W means only water based cleaning; S means only solvent based cleaning; SW indicates both methods are usable. Look out for the X letter. This means instead of being a smartypants you should seek professional help.

Also, whatever you want to use on your upholstery, always apply it on a non-visible area first. This should give you a clear idea on whether you should proceed with it.

May your homes be clean and beautiful.