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Where Does The Word “Toilet” Originate From?

So many people wonder where the term “toilet” came from and how it came to be used widely. In French “toilette” refers to a “dressing room” and seemingly it is where the term got its roots. In turn, “toilette” seemed to have come from “toile” also a French term referring to the type of cloth draped on the shoulders of an individual as his or her hair was being worked on. By about.. Read More

Common Mistakes In Marble Cleaning

One of the most used floors for offices and homes is marble flooring. It is preferred by many people and organizations because of its numerous characteristics, one of which is its exquisite look. Marble adds a touch of luxury to every building and is less expensive than other flooring types. Another reason why marble prevails over other types of floors is that it is sold in a variety of colors and is pretty.. Read More

Creating The Perfect Bathroom

If your bathroom is in desperate need of updating, you need to ensure that the company you choose to re-fit and supply your bathroom will be able to give you the quality you expect. Knowing what to look for and what key differences separate the good from the bad can make all the difference when it comes to locating a good supplier. Here are a few things to watch for: 1. Do they.. Read More

Granite Worktops Southampton

When building and decorating a new home or renovating an old home, worktops serves as the most used part of the kitchen, adds finesse to the hallway and forms an essential part of the bathrooms as well. Renowned for their exquisiteness and stability, granite is the most sought after material used for developing and designing worktops to serve all the needs and requirements related to the same. When one first considers installing granite.. Read More

The Evolution Of Technical Drawing

Technical drawings are an important element in bids, proposals and other marketing efforts in the construction field. Drafting and technical drawings have a long and storied history; in fact, the first known record of drafting activities dates back to 2,000 B.C. and depicts an overhead view of a Babylonian fortress. The technical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci continue to inspire and impress artists, architects and artisans almost 500 years after his death. Today,.. Read More

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Reasons

Now, have you ever wondered why most people remodel their kitchen regularly? It’s because it is a very essential place in the household. By definition, kitchen remodeling is the process of making additions, improvements or changes in one’s kitchen. It is of great importance in the smooth operation of a home. Although it sometimes look to be a daunting task to many homeowners, kitchen remodeling results are very exciting. The following are top.. Read More

Couch Potato: 5 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Comfortable

It may have the word ‘living’ in it, but for many households today, their living room is often a place untouched during every-day life, either crowded with the family’s clutter or else isolated as just a place for the guests. While creating a living room that achieves both comfort and class is hard, it’s certainly not unachievable. With a bit of creativity and smart thinking, you too can make your living room more.. Read More

Tips on How to Design a Great Looking Kitchen

If you’ve just bought a property that boasts a lovely large  kitchen area and want to give it a complete make-over that utilises the space intelligently, there are some clever things you can do which not only look brilliant but which also makes the most of the area you have to play with. When it comes to storage, you have a few innovative and inventive ways of creating enough for your needs and.. Read More

Building Your Dream Bathroom With 3D Software

Designing a new bathroom for your home often seems like an overwhelming process for many people. There are so many different product types, finishes, and styles to choose from that just deciding where to begin can be an exercise in frustration. Overcoming the indecision that this process is fraught with is not easy. The good news Is that there is a very simple way to overcome these issues and get your project moving… Read More