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Calculate Your Stairlift Cost Before Contacting a Dealer

How much you spend on a stairlift greatly depends on your needs. The price for an indoor stairlift is generally less than an outdoor stairlift, depending on the features and options you choose. Other factors that affect indoor and outdoor stairlift costs include whether the stairwell is curved or straight, the number of landings, materials, and the type of rail you choose for outdoor lifts.

How to Estimate Your Stairlift Costs

If you are wondering how much a stairlift in your home would cost, you can get an accurate estimate by taking a few measurements and talking to your local dealers, or by using a stairlift cost calculator. Before starting, you will need a measuring tape, and pen and paper to record your measurements. It’s very important that you measurements are accurate, or you will not get a true cost estimate.

Measuring Your Stairs

First, determine the overall length of your stairwell by measuring from the floor below the first riser to the landing at the top of the stairs. Record whether you are measuring the right or left side of the stairs, as this will be the side that the stairlift is installed.

Second, measure the width of your stairs on three different risers. If you find that your stairs measure a little differently, then record the smallest measurement. Measure the risers on the first, middle, and top steps. These measurements will calculate how your stairlift is installed as well as the space available for the chair.

Next, record the number of steps in the staircase starting at the bottom. Including the top landing in your count. How much rail you need for your stairlift installation is dependent on the number of the stairs.

Finally, note the clearance at the top and bottom of the stairs. For a standard installation, you will need a 16-inch clearance at the top of the stairs and a 30-inch clearance at the bottom that is free from doors, walls, or other obstacles. If these spaces are not clear, you may need a special installation.

Calculating Stairlift Costs

The easiest way to calculate stairlift prices is to use the cost calculator at Stairlift Company Reviews. This calculator compute the costs of your stairlift, as well as your installation and delivery costs. Stairlift Company Reviews will also help you choose the best stairlift for your needs, as well as help you find pre-qualified stairlift dealers in your area.