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Building Swimming Pool: some useful tips on how to build a pool

The presence of a swimming pool in, the house could be so much lovely. Nowadays swimming pools are a great beauty to a back yard, resulting in a great way to relax and enjoy a blissful moment together with your family, friends and get in some exciting fun exercise! However, this is not an easy task to carry out.

This is surely a project that requires extensive plans that are based on individual desire. Having known this now, I’m going to give you some useful tips that will help you to see what you can expect from the process of building a pool.

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Make a design of the Pool.

It is important that you start by put into design the pool of your desire. With the design, you can have expectations of what the swimming pool will look like after completion. What form of shape do you want-round or square? How deep do you want it? What type of color and other factors? But bear in mind that the complex the design, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Choose the area and excavate it.

Acquire the necessary equipment needed for the construction dig out the area where the pool will be. At this point I will advise you to get the service of a notable construction company and also ensure you have the permit from the necessary authority in your city to avoid the risk of running in to expensive utility charges.

Break up the ground and grade it

You’ll need to break and even out the ground as much as you can which will eventually become the bottom of the swimming pool. This will allow the pool walls and settings on the floor to become easier. There are various ways to do this, but if the floor is sloping, it’s better to use someone with experience to handle it.

Let the walls be framed.

Now that you have excavated and graded the ground, you are set to start building the walls. Start with the framing of the walls with metal rebar and wood. Be sure to keep the walls even and perfectly in line with each other.

Do the plumbing.

Make use of an experienced and licensed plumber to carry out this part. All important plumbing to the pool should be added at this stage. You have to create a supply and filtration system which will meet the codes for your area. Inexperienced plumber one can ruin your pool. Therefore, use the right plumber.

Generate electrical power.

At this point, you’ll need to run electrical power to your pool if it is required for lights or the filtration system. This also will require the service of experienced and professional electrical man as you bad wiring destroy the entire project.

Pour the floor.

Having successfully done both the plumbing and the electrical work, you can start putting the finishing touches to the walls and the floor. Hire a cement truck and pour it on the floor. Grading and smoothing should be followed immediately it’s poured.  Just pay attention to the angle of the floor if you are making a pool with depth variation.

Wall Finishing

Your pool needs some kind of moisture barrier, to keep the water from leaching out. There are several options to it. Therefore, relate with your contractor about what is good for you. The most used options are:

  • A basic plastic liner
  • A real tile covering
  • A plaster coating
  • A sprayed plastic coating

Fill the pool with water.

Now that the pool is complete, all you need to do is to fill it up! How you fill it will depend on how the pool was plumbed. It can be filled directly from your own water supplies or you can fill it through the service of a water supply company. To learn more, build your own pool or simply remodel, simply reach the team at