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Amenities That A Self Storage Should Have

Amenities are the things that make you comfortable or at ease. I am going to tell about the amenities that a self storage should have to be called an ideal self storage. Self storages are the systems like the warehouses that are used to store the extra stuff of the residence, business and commerce. The usefulness of the self storages cannot be falsified as they have numerous benefits. They are used to store the belongings that cannot be stored at the house or the offices because of the limited spaces in the offices or at houses.

Self-Storage is utilized by renters, homeowners, small and large businesses, college students and military personnel. Renters and homeowners use self storages to create more room in their residence, freeing up a closet or garage space. Also these self storages are regularly used to store furnishings, appliances, clothing, sporting equipment, sentimental items, motorized vehicles and more.

Self Storage Amenities:

The following are just some of the features and amenities that distinguish the Security Self Storage from the race:

True climate control:

The climate and temperature controlled self storage units is the one of the most important amenity that an ideal and perfect self storage center should contain. The units of the self storage companies should be temperature and humidity controlled. This very important as humidity can spoil the wood and furniture. Moreover, the electronics could erode in the presence of humidity and wetness. This facility helps your belongings to remain safe and fresh from the signs of climate.

High technology Security Features:

Security of the stuff that you have stored in a self storage house should be the utmost duty of the faculty of the self storage company. A self storage house should provide a guarantee of security to the authorized persons so that they remain in the peace of mind and satisfaction regarding their belongings. Following security facilities should be equipped in all the self storage houses:

  • Individual door alarms
  • 24-hour DVR surveillance
  • Electronic pass-code entry gates
  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Recessed cylinder and hardened steel disc locks
  • Ample lighting

Moving storage:

An ideal self storage company should provide a moving facility that enables its clients to move their stuff in or out of the storage houses. So rental trucks and u-hauls should be available for the all-day transportation of the stuff to its clients.

Storage unit sizes:

The storage units should be available in variable sizes that allows the customers to get adjust their stuffs in the space that is right for their belongings.


Affordability is not a problem at self-storage facilities. Units or lockers should be rented whether for a short time or for a longer period of time. The minimum rental period should be usually for a month and many of self-storage facilities do not have a time contract requirement. So make sure to choose the self storage company that provides you with the best affordability rates.

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