Stone countertops are turning into the favorite of new homeowners. Besides, those who are revamping their kitchen or bathroom are also awestruck with the “runway favorite” quartz, marble, Caesar stone, or granite countertop Ottawa.

If you are also in the queue to refurbish your old kitchen or bathroom or decking up your new home, consider installing stone countertops in Ottawa apart from using metal or glass for the purpose. Nowadays, you can comfortably afford the natural or engineered stone countertops across many places throughout Toronto. Visit to explore the variety of stone slabs they are catering to their clients. The Ottawa countertops are especially maneuvered and contrived, considering the budget of the investors and per user-friendly attributes.

Here are the Top 5 Hottest Stone countertops in Ottawa. Scan the list quickly to shortlist your choice-


Best known for its classic look, variegated appearance, and natural toughness-granite countertop Ottawa can be one of your prerogatives. The stone carries the legacy for decorating innumerable luxury kitchens and bathrooms apart from being used in several other constructional purposes. A wide array of colors is also available in granite, which you can select per preference, clubbing with the other décor in your washroom or kitchen.

Nowadays, budget granite countertops are found from many stores, maybe, because of the increasing passion for the stone in investors. Take a rough estimate of the whole project of yours with granite beatification from a couple of reputed companies and select the one with the finest quality work at the most affordable rates.


Quartz countertop in Ottawa is one of the designers’ favorite.   With similar qualities of that of granite, this crystalline rock is one of the most popular accessories used in decking up the kitchen and washrooms of many households these days. Apart from the manufactured or engineered quartz countertops, the natural ones with original grains are more prone to durability. Those are heat resistant and remain abstain from scratches and stains. Do consider quartz while planning for the new sink countertop this time. The costs are also acceptable for this stone.

Marble/Engineered Marble-

If the palatial extravaganza always entices you, opt for the marble countertops. In fact, your investment on such interior decorations will earn you the reputation for your enriched aesthetics. Besides considering the Ottawa countertops in marble, you can also think about the floors and wall made with the same stone for a complete look.

Sealed-Natural-Stone-Countertops.jpg (500×333)


Maybe the slate slabs cannot compete with the astounding beauty of the quartz countertop in Ottawa or that of the granite slabs, but such affordable natural stones look sophisticated, more than the concrete. You will enjoy the presence of a natural stone in your kitchen or bathroom with the slates.


Last but not the least – quartzite stands out of the crowd for the gracefulness with its unique collage of veins intertwined across the white slab magnificently. This natural stone can be in your checklist for the countertop.

These are the most popular stone Ottawa countertops from which you can choose during your home improvement.