If you have just renovated your basement and are now left with a spare room, you might find yourself thinking of ideas about what to do with it, and these ideas may seem impossible, but think again. There are many ways in which you can re-do your old musty basement and transform it into something that serves you of some use. People tend to turn their basements into laundry rooms, storage rooms, etc. But the most ambitious of the lot tend to aim for something a little more glamorous, like a home theater or even a man cave. If you are clueless about what to do with your basement and how to do it, but you still want to do something, then read on.

Turn it into a man cave—a place for the man of the house

This isn’t something entirely unique, man caves tend to be mostly basements, but no one is complaining about it. The basement is an area of its own, on the lowest level, so it seems ideal for dimmer lighting, flat screen TV for watching sports and action movies, pool table and gaming console for entertainment and fun. You can even fit in a music player like a jukebox! But if you opt to be more subtle, then a sound system or even a plain old record player will be fit for the job. If you are unsure about how to convert your basement into something presentable first, then you can seek help from the widespread information source that is the internet. You can find many helpful websites and companies offering help, but among all these companies, Penguin Basement of Guy Solomon seems to stand out. Guy Solomon and his crew are basement contractors and they are known for their exceptional work in turning a basement into fabulous living spaces.

Convert it into a home theatre—entertainment for the whole family

If you want your basement to be somewhere the whole family can bond and enjoy, then consider turning it into a home theatre. There are no rules set in stone on how a hoe theatre should be; the setting and furniture are entirely up to you. A projector or a TV can be used for watching the movie, and for lounging, you can choose whatever suits you. Big comfy individual chairs, a plush couch for the whole family, or even foldable chairs can do the trick. Add in a popcorn machine if you want to, and you have your own, personalized home theatre.

Consider making it a small library—quiet, peaceful and elegant

If you don’t have any room on your bookshelves for the ever-growing stacks of your books, then how about turning your small basement into a library? This idea is especially convenient to those who have a smaller sized basement and turning it into small thing else seems totally impractical. Turning your basement into a library or a reading room is probably the most inexpensive project you can do on your basement, all you need are some bookshelves, a reading chair, and a nice rug or carpet to complete the look.