Instead of expensive cleaners, sometimes in emergencies, we can find salvation in things we already have at hand.

To clear the stain on the floor, take a tennis ball, and place it in the shoes with an unpleasant smell, put a baking powder and leave them in the fridge overnight. We bring you a few more unusual tips that can sometimes be a quick fix. The  luxury homes toronto is here for you to help you clean your home the best possible way. But if you are looking for some tips that will help you clean hard – to – reach places then this is the right place for you because you are about to read 20 amazing simple tips.

1. A liquid hand disinfectant can help remove ink from clothing.

2. If you have a fireplace, put a dry peel of lemon and orange for a pleasant smell in the room, for which the fire will burn for longer.

3. Damages from the water of wooden furniture can be removed with a hair dryer.

4. You can clear the gnats between the keys on the keyboard by putting a paper or a tile. Just bend it so that the sticky part is placed inside, so that the dust and the crumbs stick.

5. Clean stains from the floor with a tennis ball.

6. You can stamp the glued gum from the furniture or clothing by placing a bag filled with ice cubes above it and waiting for it to freeze.

7. With a nail grinder, you can remove the paws from documents and papers.

8. In the shoes with an unpleasant smell, put baking powder and leave them in the fridge overnight. The other day clean them of the dust and the unpleasant smell will disappear.

9. With vaseline you can prevent clogging of the toilet.

10. You can neutralize the unpleasant smells in the microwave, such as the one from the popcorn, so that for several minutes you will heat water with a bag of tea.

11. Vaseline can help you if your shower curtains stick.

12. With a wiper, you can clean the buttons on the phone, the laptop and the remote control.

13. The chalk absorbs the greasy spots from the clothes.

14. Garlic cleanses the airways, but also the smell of paint in a renovated room.

15. With a banana peel, you can clean silver objects.

16. If your doors produce unpleasant sounds on the opening/ closing, you can solve the problem with a little butter

17. Aluminum foil can serve as protection of the lock and similar things during moving.

18. A lemon, which is a good disinfectant for cleaning tubs can also be combined with grapefruit to get the best results.

19. Potato peel is great for cleaning stains from glasses.

20. Red wine stains can be removed with salt and lemon juice, or white wine.

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